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Nickolas Aleksandar Nikolic

I am a computer program developer, and artist working in Milwaukee, WI USA. I am internationally published in numerous media.

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Some addresses of note with my work:

Tic-Tac-Toe in an Expert System

Originally using a neural approach, I found feature engineering of the expert system to be more accurate and frankly, for this small problem: smaller. Neural has a place and is here for the long run, but so does feature engineering.

WebGL GLSL Experiment

In any of these experiments, click to see how they start. They can take a while to mature, but the early stages are good, too.

WebGL GLSL Experiment

WebGL GLSL Experiment

GLSL Experiment

The following WebGL GLSL experiment is a flat 3D Plane with a program running over the surface.

WebGL GLSL Shader Experiment

Recent render in Blender

My Most Popular Augmented Reality projects, Breathe Fire, has just flipped the counter on 10 million views!

When in the effect on Facebook Messenger or Instagram, open your mouth and a fire animation spins out of your mouth!

Grandmother, and other works make up 11+ million views on

This award-winning photo is just tipped the scales toward culture-giving, one viewer at a time. Also, the whole set of images here are included in the NCOA book, Aging Well For All, published in 2023.

In the detail of the image, your eyes slide to discover. Each edge of contrast proves unique. I may choose from a number of qualities of light to display form: a strongly directional light from the side raises the texture, for instance. Constantly vanishing and returning to attention is the identity, particularly of the aging, where I try to discover.

Particularly with regard to the aging, I turn eyes keen to find both the acceptance of one’s virtues and beauty. It is hard to grow older, but it carries good dignity, too. I am amongst the best storytellers of the acceptance of circumstance in aging on earth.