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Photo of me.

I am a web developer and artist working in Milwaukee, WI USA. I am internationally published in numerous media and recently exhibited in Europe 2021. I am also considered an emerging artist and composer by the Council of Arts Canada.

resume/curriculum vitea.

Some addresses of note with my work: now live

A quick work in the JS video API – and super cute – is at! Thanks to Pexels for offering CC video. As is always appreciated. now reworked and live

I had always wanted to write a harmonograph, and so I did! is a fun site to zone out on. The design of the original harmonographs were always so beautiful!

Px.js Javascript Library live

I have just open sourced a canvas image data library and it is live on my Github account. The core of the experiential website. The px.js library is super easy to use, and should contribute to innovation on the web. I’m looking forward to seeing what others do with my work!

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